Davlyn’s Business Profile in Hespeler Village Magazine


We’ve loved sharing all of our insurance and investment knowledge every month in Hespeler Village magazine. December was a little bit different because now we’re sharing some information about ourselves in the Hespeler Village magazine’s business profile. Here’s our story:

Davlyn Financial Services Inc. is an award-winning financial firm based right here in Hespeler. Davlyn focuses on three main areas of financial planning: investments, insurance and group health benefits. We believe that an educated client can make a more clear and informed decision. We are often asked what Davlyn stands for and it’s the combination of David and Linzie, which is appropriate since our duties are fairly evenly split. Linzie handles compliance, administration, and legal (contracting) and David, who has been in the business more than 25 years, heads the advisor team.

Linzie and I started Davlyn Financial Services Inc. in 2008 as we wanted to be able to put a fence around our clients and do things better than the previous firm we had been with.

We have always wanted to help people, in fact, we left another company because we didn’t like how the clients were being treated. We said that if we ever ran our own firm we would do things differently. So, Davlyn was born.

Our philosophy is that our staff is like our family and so are our clients. We appreciate that there are many places for people to invest and we are blessed to have clients that have stuck with us through more than nine years of our firms’ existence. We not only want to be the best investment firm in the area but also the best employer.

At Davlyn we believe in regular conversations with our clients. We also believe that financial advice is an ongoing planning process rather than a static one-time event. In fact, at Davlyn, our clients tell us how often they want to see us in a year, not the other way around. It sounds like a subtle difference, but we think it’s important to keep our firm client-centred.

We do more than just talk about client services. In fact, two of our advisors were former clients that were so impressed with the Davlyn experience that they left their other jobs to become financial advisors with us.

Linzie and I have two adult daughters and two grandchildren. We like to travel and have a number of outside interests. When we created Davlyn, it was important for us to give back to our community. So, each year since our founding, we have taken a large portion of our profits and made a charitable donation.

Linzie was born and raised in Cambridge, and although I have only lived in Hespeler for 10 years, it has definitely become my adopted home.



David Reeve is president of Davlyn Financial Services Inc., an award-winning, family owned and operated financial planning firm in Hespeler. For more information contact him at info@davlynfinancial.com.