Neighbours of West Galt Magazine: Meet the Reeve Family

Davlyn Financial Services inc is and always has been a family-run business focused on bringing great financial advice to our community. That’s why when Neighbours of West Galt Magazine asked to profile our President and Vice-President, David and Linzie Reeve, we were thrilled.

David and Linzie are a husband a wife team who started Davlyn 10 years ago. Since then they’ve worked to grow this business in the community and are honoured to be recognized by the Neighbours of West Galt Magazine. Please enjoy their feature from the May 2018 issue:

It’s All About the Kids, the Grandkids and the Latest Addition to the Family!

David and Linzie met one day in a coffee shop in Cambridge. “Linzie was visiting with friends and I was there picking up coffee on my way to work,” explains David. “Never being the shy type, I made a joke. She laughed and the rest is history!”

“Although we have always both been professional people, we would probably never have met otherwise,” adds Linzie, “but in September, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and we will continue to make each other laugh every day.”

In his 20s, David attended Sheridan College for Advertising, and he also obtained an Honours B.A from McMaster University of Political Science and Economics with a minor in Labour Studies, and is now in his 25th year of being a financial advisor. “Ten years ago, shortly after we were married,” says David, “we started our own financial company, Davlyn Financial Services Inc., which services clients from Ottawa to Windsor. We started it on a shoestring budget and worked many long hours to build the successful team we are so proud of today.”

“We pride ourselves on doing things differently from the average advisor. Our clients are topnotch and we appreciate them very much,” says Linzie. “People often ask what Davlyn stands for. Well, it is Dav for David and Lyn for Linzie.”

“Our main office was in Kitchener for three years,” continues David. “But, we moved it to Cambridge to be closer to home. We have now been in Cambridge for the last seven years and we love it. We’ve had our ups and downs starting off, but there is no one I would rather be in business with, than my wife.”

“Although I was successful in my previous career, I always had the calling to study law,” says Linzie. “But I felt that being home with my girls had to come first.” So at 43 years of age, after raising their girls, Linzie went back to school at Sheridan College and received her Honours in Paralegal Studies. Linzie is currently licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The Reeve Family motto is ‘Always Be Kind.’ “Linzie and I believe in giving back to our community,” says David. “We feel we have been very blessed with everything we have and want to make a difference to others. “David grew up on the other side of Hamilton, in Grimsby, at that time, there were only about 5,000 people living there,” says Linzie. “One day, he found a wallet that was loaded with money. He took it home and showed his father and it was agreed that David needed to call the owner. The owner of the wallet had just cashed out his savings to pay off a mortgage and all the money was in his wallet. The owner was so happy to have his wallet back, he wanted to reward David for his honesty, but David merely said, “No thanks. I just hope that one day if I lose my wallet, someone will be kind enough to return it to me.” Well, believe it or not, several years later David did in fact lose his wallet, and you will never guess who found it. Yes, the same man from years earlier!

The same “Always Be Kind” spirit is also prevalent in their youngest daughter, Taylor, who although works full-time in her parents’ company, also works part time at a youth homeless shelter in Kitchener. “Taylor always knew that she too wanted to give back to her community and this positions fulfills that passion her for her,” explains Linzie.

David and Linzie also have a daughter named Amanda, who lives in Woodstock with her husband, Patrick. “Amanda has been married to Patrick Senior for seven years and they have two children, Jackson who is 5 years old and Charlotte who is 3 years old,” says David. “Taylor and her partner, Jordan Gillespie, live in Kitchener with their cat Peter.”

“We are empty nesters now, but our family is still the centre of our universe!” laughs Linzie. “Our grandson Jackson is in hockey, and our granddaughter Charlotte takes dance lessons. Both are getting ready to take gymnastics for the spring/summer.”

Since David and Linzie became “empty nesters,” they have moved to the River Walk area of West Galt. “We have lived at River Walk for almost a year now,” says David. “We moved when we sold our home, because we wanted to downsize. We find that everyone here is very friendly and all of our neighbours are really nice.”

“The area is very quiet and we enjoy the fact that there is no longer any outdoor work for us to do, but we still enjoy our backyard,” says Linzie. “We also love the view of the Grand River from our deck.”

In their spare time, David enjoys listening to music and Linzie loves to cook. “David has a playlist for pretty much anything and everything!” laughs Linzie. “He is also an amateur photographer.”

“Linzie does love to cook and is amazing at it,” agrees David. “But of course, our favourite pastime really is our grandkids.”

“We have a condo in Sarasota, Florida that we’ve owned for nine years now and we love to go there and re-charge,” says Linzie. “The last family vacation we took was in January 2017. The grandkids just love spending time there with the family!”

“Our favourite vacation of all time was South Africa,” adds David. “We were truly amazed by how close we could get to the animals. It was surreal! We were fortunate enough that by the second safari, we had already seen the ‘Big Five’.”

In recent exciting news, the Reeve family have found themselves to be the proud new parents of a Sheepadoodle puppy. “We are very excited about our new puppy! We did a lot of research on this breed because Jackson and his father are allergic to dogs,” explains Linzie. “Sheepadoodle’s are non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs, which is perfect for our family.”

Jackson and Charlotte are just as excited as David and Linzie are to welcome “Gus” to the family. “I’m sure that when they come over, Jackson and Charlotte will be working hard to teach Gus how to ‘Always Be Kind’!” laughs Linzie.