September’s Money Monday Monthly Roundup

September this year was a hot one! We blame our Money Monday’s because this month they were on fire! It’s time to round them up and remind you of why the temps in September reached a record high.

September’s first tip offered a great tip to discover where you’re at financially:

Track Your Net Worth

Your net worth—the difference between your assets and debt—is the big-picture number that can tell you where you stand financially . Keep an eye on it, and it can help keep you apprised of the progress you’re making toward your financial goals—or warn you if you’re backsliding.

Our next tip helped readers find their own Money Monday Mantra:

Adopt a Spending Mantra

Pick out a positive phrase that acts like a mini rule of thumb for how you spend. For example, ask yourself, “Is this [fill in purchase here] better than Bali next year?” or “I only charge items that are $30 or more.”

You can make your vision as small as an upcoming trip or as a big as your retirement. Whatever you need to envision and remind yourself of in that moment to help you step away from the unnecessary purchase.

After that great tip, we offered our readers a very important tax tip:

It’s not What You Earn that Matters — it’s What You Keep

If your portfolio isn’t tax-efficient, then you may not be keeping as much as you should be.

Our final Money Monday tip of September helped you manage your money and your waistline as the holidays, and their delicious foods and spending obligations approach:

Eat Healthy, Nutritious Food and Save Yourself Money in the Long Run

Did you know that a study found that we are our heaviest weight each year in November? I think you’ll probably also agree that our wallets are also the lightest come January.

The smart people at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have crunched the numbers and it’s official: the healthiest diets cost just $1.50 more per day than unhealthy diets.

Now, $1.50 more per day does add up, but let’s also remember, this does not account for the nights out for dinner and drinks. Save yourself the cash and the extra pounds this year and your wallet will be wider, not your waistline.

We hope you enjoyed these hot tips during a very hot September! Don’t expect us to cool down as the temperatures do. We’ll prove it to you next month!