Many financial advisors say they are different than the rest. It’s true that each advisor will have their own processes and procedures that can either bring them and their clients success, or cause an avalanche of financial mishaps.

Financial advising is a big responsibility, one that Davlyn does not take lightly. Not only do we recognize that you work hard for your money, but we want to make sure you recognize that we work had for your money too. Through our advisors’ in-depth training, availability to offer a wide variety of products to suit our clients needs, and our strict policies and procedures, we make sure that each and every dollar that Davlyn Financial handles is working in our clients’ best interest.

To begin with, Davlyn Financial has four independent advisors. David Reeve, Jordan Gillespie, Randall Borne, and Barb Menard are all licensed advisors. Each advisor is equipped with the training and experience to advise our clients to the fullest potential. Davlyn Financial’s advisors sell life, group, and travel insurance, segregated and mutual fund investments, and can help you with retirement planning. With all of our advisors’ combined training and experience there is no way Davlyn cannot offer a client the exact product they need to suit their needs.

Besides what we do, we take pride in how we do it. Davlyn Financial has put in place a stringent compliance process that means that we are always ensuring that nothing is missed, no stone is left unturned, and our clients are always protected. Davlyn’s compliance process has been the heart of why our business has found it’s success. The professionalism and attention to detail we apply to each of every client shines through and leads to success for everyone.

All of what and how we do comes together in The Complete Wealth Process TM. This six step process has led our clients to financial success time and time again. The Complete Wealth Process TM is our roadmap for success, which we share with our clients and use to ensure that each client is receiving the full breadth of our services.

This all may seem like a bit of big talk coming from the company itself, but we have the accolades to prove that our process works,. Davlyn Financial was nominated in the KW Record Reader Awards 2016 for Best Financial Advisor and Best Financial Firm. Our clients and community voted and Davlyn won platinum in both categories. Our pride in this award is in large part due to the fact that we feel so much gratitude to our clients and community for believing in what we do.

So, yes, we do think we are different. We think what we do, how we do, and who we do it for is different. We stand behind our process and we know our clients do as well. Become one and you will see for yourself.